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Our Mission

To foster lifelong connection, honor our shared traditions, enhance and preserve programs and property historically held by Camp Glen Arden, and sustain the legacies of our directors, Mary Kellogg Bell and Casey Thurman, by offering opportunities that foster the camp experience and programs through community partnerships that promote outdoor education, stewardship of our environment, and the values Camp Glen Arden instilled us.

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Who We Are

We are a collective group of alumni, family, and friends of Camp Glen Arden who want to connect with one another and give back to Glen Arden in tangible and meaningful ways.

We believe one of Glen Arden’s most valuable resources is you, our alumnae – but notice the i in our name. We are purposefully using alumni to represent the generations of girls and women as well as the men, fathers, brothers, sons, and spouses who have long been a part of Camp Glen Arden’s history.

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What We Do

We want to make staying connected easier for you through Fall Alumni Weekends and Reunions, newsletters and social media – Facebook and Instagram.

We hope to create opportunities for our alumni to give back to our Glen Arden mountain home, where you perhaps had some of the most formative and memorable experiences of your childhood. In addition to the wonderful updates camp is initiating, our alumni association will contribute to camp program and property enhancements. We can help spruce up cabanas and porches, campsites and trails, and enhance programs by updating equipment and facilities.

And, finally, we hope to create a campership program by continuing The Directors Fund, in honor of Mary Kellogg Bell and Casey Thurman, to be used toward partial or full camp tuition for campers in need. We would like to give future generations of girls the chance to experience summers at Camp Glen Arden.

Stay Connected

Join us at Alumni events, Work Weekend, Fall Alumni Weekends!

And be sure to follow Camp Glen Arden Alumni Association Facebook and Instagram pages. Help us spread the word and tag a friend on social media. #tagared #tagablue #stayconnectedcga

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70 Days of Giving

In honor of Glen Arden’s 70th year and due to the postponement of our 70th Reunion, the Alumni Association created the 70 Days of Giving campaign. Through alumni giving, we were able to raise over $15,000, with one hundred percent (less PayPal fees) going toward camper tuition assistance for the summer of 2021.

For additional information on how to give, click on Support Us at the top of the page.