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Casey Thurman’s Celebration of Life

September 9, 2023

Dear Glen Arden,

We invite you to share in the songs, readings, and quiet moments of Casey’s service. We are grateful to be joined together in spirit at this special time.

Much love to you all.

Casey Thurman’s Celebration of Life

  • Camp Glen Arden Gymnasium
  • Saturday, September 9, 2023
  • 12:00PM Noon

Please click the link below for Video of the Celebration.

Celebration Video

A Special Note from Our Board:

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Dear Glen Arden,

Our dear friend, our colleague, our mentor, our leader, our North Star-our sugar lump passed away yesterday afternoon. She was with loved ones in her last weeks, days, and hours. We are grateful that she is no longer in pain, and even more grateful for all she meant-and means-to each of us.

We are planning a celebration of life for Casey on Saturday, September 9, 2023. The song-filled service & reception will take place at camp. When plans solidify, we will share more details.

Casey will live on in our hearts, and her legacy will continue to shape our lives, and our loved ones lives. We can imagine Casey saying these words: “May we bow our heads and say the camp prayer together:”

Oh, God our Father, give us clean hands, clean words, clean thoughts.

Help us to stand for the hard right against the easy wrong.

Save us from the habit of harm.

Teach us to work as hard and play as fair as thy sight alone,

as though all the world saw.

Forgive us when we are unkind,

and help us to forgive those who are going to us.

So just chances to do a little good every day at some cost ourselves,

so to become more like Christ.



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The Ties That Bind

When our founder, Mary Kellogg Bell, was a waterfront counselor in Sapphire, NC, she was introduced to the idea of every camper and counselor wearing a tartan plaid tie as part of their camp attire. Sapphire was heavily influenced by the Scottish traditions of its surrounding mountain area, including Highlands, NC, where Scottish games continue to be contested yearly.

As the ideas and plans for Camp Glen Arden began to form, Mary Bell knew she wanted to bring the rich tradition of the Scottish Clans and their fierce devotion and loyalty to their tartan and those who wear them to her own camp. Allowing her girls to learn and grow through the sisterhood of the tartan and Clan competition, would give them the opportunity to return home with a sense of self worth that would sustain them until they were able to return to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Just as the different Scottish Clans fought valiantly for their tartan and each other, so too would the Red Clan and Blue Clan of Camp Glen Arden proudly compete each summer to see their tartan emblazoned as victor at the end of the camp season. Wearing the tartan plaid of Red or Blue gave each camper and counselor the knowledge that she belonged, she was one with the long, proud history of Glen Arden girls.

Whether a Red or a Blue, those who wear the ties and grow up at Glen Arden are a link to the love and dedication of all who have come before them and all who will follow.

In celebration of Glen Arden’s 70th summer in 2021 and our many alumni, the Camp Glen Arden Alumni Association had two tartan plaids created and registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans, Camp Glen Arden Red and Camp Glen Arden Blue.

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THE RED/BLUE GIANT RELAY OG GIVING Fundraiser With the notable success of last year’s 70DAYSOFGIVING fundraiser for tuition assistance, known as camperships, the Alumni Association has created the RED/BLUE Giant Relay of Giving 2021.

Beginning October 20, 2021, we will kick off the fundraising campaign with one hundred percent of your contributions (less PayPal fees) going toward camperships and tuition assistance for summer 2022 at CGA, with each donation counting as a point for your clan. Go Reds! Go Blues! And Go Purples, too! Most importantly, your gift will benefit campers who otherwise might not be able to attend Glen Arden.

Calling ALL Reds and Blues! CGA Summer of 2022 is around the corner so get in the relay! Contribute, then tag a friend…Ready, Set, Give!

Contributions accepted starting October 20, 2021 through November 22, 2021. *Contributions to this fundraiser are not tax deductible.

For additional information on how to give, click on Support Us at the top of the page.

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Our Mission

To foster lifelong connection, honor our shared traditions from Camp Glen Arden, and sustain the legacies of our directors, Mary Kellogg Bell and Casey Thurman, by offering opportunities for alumni to gather and foster the camp experience through community partnerships that promote outdoor education, stewardship of our environment and communities, and actively living the values Camp Glen Arden instilled us.

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Who We Are

We are a collective group of alumni, family, and friends of Camp Glen Arden who want to connect with one another and give back to Glen Arden in tangible and meaningful ways.

We believe one of Glen Arden’s most valuable resources is you, our alumnae – but notice the i in our name. We are purposefully using alumni to represent the generations of girls and women as well as the men, fathers, brothers, sons, and spouses who have long been a part of Camp Glen Arden’s history.

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What We Do

We have created opportunities for our alumni to give back to our Glen Arden mountain home, where you perhaps had some of the most formative and memorable experiences of your childhood.

To that end, we have established a Camp Glen Arden Campership Fund, in honor of Mary Kellogg Bell and Casey Thurman, a donor advised fund that supports tuition for local campers to attend Glen Arden who otherwise not have the opportunity to attend. We would like to give future generations the chance to experience summers at Camp Glen Arden and benefit from the many gifts camp has given us. We sponsor an annual week of community service and stewardship to honor the values of kindness, giving, and love of nature that our directors engendered and inspired in us.

Stay Connected

Join us at Alumni events, Alumni Weekends, and Camp Reunions!

And be sure to follow Camp Glen Arden Alumni Association Facebook and Instagram pages. Help us spread the word and tag a friend on social media.